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Sorge, Petra

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Cicero - Germany | 09/08/2013

German publishers need innovators like Amazon

The sale of the Washington Post to Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is a positive move that German media publishers would do well to emulate, the online edition of the liberal-conservative magazine Cicero writes: "Bloggers and journalists have typed their fingers to the bone over the question of what the future of journalism should look like. ... And then the answer falls from the American heaven. With its market clout, Amazon could endow the Washington Post with a huge audience. For example it could offer cheap bundles like a flat rate for the Washington Post with the purchase of a Kindle reader. ... Instead of dull lethargy and plaints of doom and gloom, the German media market needs a strong financial innovator. Perhaps even a huge merger of all publishers into a joint sales, content and shopping channel. An umbrella site that every German-language user who cares about data protection can go to first, where he can purchase goods and services, play games and group together news from all of his favourite sites."

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