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Sorg, Eugen

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Basler Zeitung - Switzerland | 27/05/2014

A transnational peasant uprising

The election victory for the Eurosceptics resembles the peasant uprisings in 14th century France, the right-wing conservative daily Basler Zeitung writes, commenting that the protests "across Euroland" are a "cross-border, as yet peaceful uprising on the part of a mixed bag of protesters, carried out until now with ballots instead of pitchforks. Just as back then the people were tired of the nobility who lived off the back of the broad majority, today the bureaucratic monster in Brussels is the object of the growing resentment. Instead of getting angry at the crude manners of the thankless rabble, as the blasé nobility did back then, the media should try to understand the roots of the discontent. For example, how a clique lacking democratic legitimacy can take horribly wrong decisions that double the number of long term unemployed within just a few years, how they can drive whole economies into bankruptcy and put more than ten percent of employable Europeans on the street."

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