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Sonnac, Nathalie

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Le Nouvel Observateur - France | 21/10/2012

Google endangers network neutrality

The US web giant Google has threatened to stop putting in links to French media websites in retaliation for the French government's plan to tax search engines, as a letter from the company to several French ministers reveals. This contradicts network neutrality, media expert Nathalie Sonnac writes in the weekly magazine Le Nouvel Observateur: "Google's threat to censor websites is simply flying in the face of democracy. And it raises the question of the neutrality of the Web and consumers's access to contents. In this case users would be denied part of their search results. In addition, all the contents are stored and archived on Google's servers. The question is: who do they belong to? ... Public opinion tends to agree with Google's reasoning, as 'simplistic' (or in bad faith) as it may be. The company argues: why should we pay for facilitating web traffic? But as we've seen, this question avoids the real issue."

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