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Somnard, Audrey

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1.  Le Quotidien - Luxembourg | 09/01/2016

Paris's passport withdrawal plan unconstitutional

It's absurd to want to strip those suspected of terrorism of their nationality, the centre-left daily Le Quotidien writes, commenting on the fact that the ... » more

2.  Le Quotidien - Luxembourg | 02/09/2015

France needs a vegetarian school menu

A petition put out by the French centrist member of parliament Yves Jégo for the introduction of an alternative vegetarian meal in French schools attained ... » more

3.  Le Quotidien - Luxembourg | 18/07/2015

Germany's contradictory immigration policy

German Chancellor Angela Merkel's reaction to the Palestinian refugee girl Reem is being condemned as heartless in the social media. The centre-left daily Le Quotidien ... » more

4.  Le Quotidien - Luxembourg | 15/07/2015

Turning churches into mosques is pragmatic

It's hard to understand why a petition against the transformation of unused French churches into mosques has been so popular, the daily Le Quotidien writes: ... » more

5.  Le Quotidien - Luxembourg | 30/03/2015

Don't stigmatise depressives

The prosecution in Düsseldorf announced on Monday that the co-pilot of the crashed Germanwings plane was being treated for depression. But the media rushing to ... » more

6.  Le Quotidien - Luxembourg | 21/10/2014

Social egg freezing is anti-social

The US companies Apple and Facebook use so-called social egg freezing to allow female employees to dedicate themselves to their careers before they have children. ... » more

7.  Le Quotidien - Luxembourg | 13/08/2014

Putin both fireman and pyromaniac in Ukraine

Kiev is continuing to deny entry to the Russian convoy of 280 trucks. The liberal daily Le Quotidien doubts whether the initiative is really inspired ... » more

8.  Le Quotidien - Luxembourg | 11/04/2014

France 2 boosts its ratings with Le Pen

The state-run French TV station France 2 retracted its invitation to Martin Schulz, the president of the European Parliament, to take part in a TV ... » more

9.  Le Quotidien - Luxembourg | 07/01/2014

Switzerland needs immigrants

Swiss industrial associations have criticised an initiative by the right-wing populist Swiss People's Party aimed at introducing quotas for immigrants. A referendum on the proposal ... » more

10.  Le Quotidien - Luxembourg | 09/07/2013

French right fishing for extremist vote

Christian Estrosi, the conservative mayor of Nice, triggered outrage in France with his call for a "revolt" against "itinerant people" on the weekend. With its ... » more


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