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Sommerfeld, Franz

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Carta - Germany | 06/10/2015

Exodus to Europe: You don't become tolerant overnight

The urgency with which refugees arriving in Germany are called upon to adopt the country's canon of values borders on panic, blogger Franz Sommerfeld observes on the authors' blog Carta, and calls on his country to be more patient: "I was and still am always aware that equality for women and equality for gays, the values that are the main focus of attention at present, achieved importance and came to be taken somewhat for granted only after a lengthy battle. For decades the laws and public climate were against them. And even today they are by no means the social reality. It took the Germans a long time to reform their laws and achieve their current degree of civility. Perhaps we should also give the refugees arriving here and passing through our country in these weeks a little time too. This is not an appeal for more laissez faire or for people to stop defending hard-won values, but simply a reminder of how we achieved these things we are so proud of today."

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