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Sommer, Theo

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Zeit Online - Germany | 04/08/2015

Theo Sommer calls for new Africa policy in refugee crisis

Journalist Theo Sommer calls for a rethink of European refugee and Africa policy in view of a recent UN world population report which predicts that the population of Africa will have almost quadrupled by 2100. Tracker dogs and barbed wire cannot be the solution, he explains on the liberal news website Zeit Online: "Instead Europe must get a grip and finally put together a unified, effective, human and socially acceptable refugee policy. And it must do some hard and fast thinking about how to counteract the unstoppable rise in the migratory pressure from Africa in the coming decades. … We will have to open our gates somewhat to allow in people fleeing from war and civil war, poverty and environmental destruction, the terror of ethnic and religious conflict and the suffering of empty stomachs. … What we need is an Africa policy which uses development policy in a far more targeted way than has been the case so far. We cannot simply stand by and leave sub-Saharan Africa to the Chinese, we cannot confine ourselves to training African soldiers, as in Mali. We must also keep an eye on refugee streams, improve border security and promote economic development to combat terror and criminality."

Zeit Online - Germany | 27/08/2013

Berlin must be generous with Athens

In the search for ways to secure the billions of euros lacking from the current Greek bailout programme, a new debt write-down has come under discussion. Germany should at least follow the example of the past and give the Greeks more time to repay their loans, Theo Summer, former editor of the German weekly newspaper Die Zeit urges on the liberal news website Zeit Online: "Of all people we Germans shouldn't be stingy here. One reason our 1950s economic miracle was at all possible was that in the 1953 London Agreement, the victorious allies waived half our debts - consisting partially of reparations from the Treaty of Versailles and partially of post-war loans - and on top of that gave us 50 years to pay off the rest. Hardly anyone here in Germany realises that we only paid the last instalment on 3 October 2010. Shouldn't we show the same generosity towards the Greeks as the Allies showed towards us? I think we should."

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