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Somersan, Semra

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Taraf - Turkey | 28/10/2014

AKP government driving out Turkish elite

In view of an increasingly authoritarian government and restrictions on the freedom of opinion, more and more educated Turks are considering moving abroad, the liberal daily Taraf complains: "Many are waiting for the parliamentary elections on 14 June 2015. If the governing party once again secures over 50 percent of the vote, they'll pack up and leave. The first group with the best prospects - those with money or the possibility of working abroad - will leave silently. They'll be watched by educated but less well-off Turks who are likely on their way to jail: writers, filmmakers, journalists, university teachers, scientists, artists and composers. The AKP is now trying to promote artists, scientists and academics from their own ranks. That is precisely the goal of the restructuring of the education system and the mandatory instruction in Sunni Islam. But they are forgetting that you can't create educated, experienced professionals in a single generation."

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