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Someritis, Richardos

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To Vima Online - Greece | 15/08/2009

Fresh elections in Greece?

Following a series of corruption scandals the left-wing opposition in Greece has called for the elections planned for autumn 2011 to be brought forward and held as early as this autumn. The leftwing daily To Vima comments: "Nea Demokratia [the government party] wanted a 'better state' and has managed to make it worse. There are deficits, a shadow economy, tax evasion, unemployment and reduced industrial production. There is no doubt that they are at a dead end. … The [opposition] Panhellenic Socialist Movement (PASOK) is now demanding elections and has announced it is ready for battle. The average citizen, however, needs a lot of good will to imagine what PASOK would do the day after the elections and with which politicians it will govern. … Because we wanted it that way most of our problems are mainly decided in Brussels."

To Vima Online - Greece | 20/11/2008

Croatia and Serbia take each other to court

After the International Court of Justice in The Hague ruled that it will hear Croatia's claim that Serbia committed genocide against its population, Serbia now plans to bring a complaint against Croatia. The renowned journalist Richardos Someritis comments in the daily To Vima: "The current problem facing both Croatia and Serbia is that both want integration into the EU and are loath to stir up the suffering that led to war and genocide through international justice. How can they coexist in Brussels if they're scratching each other's eyes out in The Hague? This question has nothing to do with the trials before the International Court of Justice. This court passes sentence on people, not states. But if the International Court definitively agrees to hear the complaints of Croatia and Serbia it will be passing judgement on states, regardless of which persons rule (these states) today."

To Vima Online - Greece | 18/05/2008

In the dark

Consumers are uninformed about the reasons for price increases, writes Richardos Someritis. "A few days ago we learned that fuel prices have risen faster here than in other countries. And for a long time we have known that immunity from the law, extortion and smuggling are rife in this area. We should also know that state hypocrisy is also rampant in this domain, because state incomes rise with petrol prices. ... But we remain in the dark as regards ... the extent to which daily increases in the international price of crude oil reflect reality. The same goes for basic agricultural products. We see that these prices have gone up, and that one consequence has been the steady rise in bread prices. But we learn nothing of the sudden price slumps that have taken place in international markets, such as the recent fall in grain prices, which however failed to have a direct effect on the price of bread."

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