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Solymosi, Frigyes

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Népszabadság - Hungary | 02/12/2009

Frigyes Solymosi on Hungary's political culture

A few months before Hungarian parliamentary elections take place next spring, the conservative intellectual Frigyes Solymosi writes in the left-liberal daily Népszabadság on how Hungary may move forward as a nation: "When the Iron Curtain fell no one seriously believed that 20 years later we would have the same standard of living as the West. The precondition for slowly catching up with Western Europe has never been a secret. We've simply not been able to live up to it. ... Our history teaches us that crises may only be surmounted by achieving social and political peace and national unity. This presupposes a dialogue between the variously minded political camps. This opportunity will finally arise after the parliamentary elections in spring of 2010. ... Every single one of us must be convinced that all of those people born and living in Hungary belong to the Hungarian nation, independently of what views they hold or what philosophies they adhere to. The parties, in turn, must regard each other not as enemies, but at most as adversaries."

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