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Solska, Joanna

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Polityka - Poland | 20/10/2015

TV debate points to change of power in Poland

Ewa Kopacz, the incumbent liberal PO prime minister of Poland, and her national conservative rival, Beata Szydlo from the PiS, faced each other in a TV debate on Monday. It looks very much like next Sunday's election will lead to a change of government, the online edition of the centre-left news magazine Polityka writes, commenting on their performance: "Asked how much her campaign pledges would cost, Szydło didn't answer. Because the state doesn't have and won't have that amount of money. … However, that doesn't matter so much to the voters. They have simply had enough of the PO. They want change without questioning whether it will bring something better. … The PiS may not be any better, but it has the alibi of not having ruled for the last eight years. Asked what challenges Poland now faces, Szydlo once again didn't answer. Yet she still sees herself as the winner. It looks very much like the PiS will take over the helm."

Polityka - Poland | 13/08/2008

The finance minister's predicament

Under pressure from Brussels, the Polish government must come to a decision in the coming weeks about the privatisation of Polish shipyards. The liberal news magazine Polityka comments on the predicament faced by the finance minister: either he can sell the shipyards for a pittance to foreign investors, or he can let them go bankrupt. "Either decision could see the finance minister arraigned before the supreme court, as the [conservative opposition party] PiS has announced. ... The minister's hands are tied not only by his narrow room for manoeuvre, but also by fear. Instead of threatening him, the [trade union] Solidarność and the PiS should redress their own errors, at least in part. Whatever the finance minister decides, his decision should be met with vociferous support, from both the opposition and the president. Because the dockyards should be saved, and not misused cynically as a political weapon for the umpteenth time."

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