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Solcan, Minail Radu

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Dilema Veche - Romania | 15/05/2008

The Wikipedia construction site

Mihail Radu Solcan writes about the online encyclopedia Wikipedia: "In September 2005, journalist John Seigenthaler discovered in his biographie on Wikipedia that he had played a role in the murder of the Kennedy brothers. ... This false information was online for four months. ... Wikipedia is based on a 'laissez-faire' style without hierarchical controls, where mistakes are corrected by editors and anyone wanting to join the Wikipedia community. It is an eternal construction site. There is no way of telling whether what you find will be rubbish or a construction wonder. This is enlightenment in the Kantian sense: we are condemned to think with our own heads. ... And Wikipedia is no exception on the Internet. The platform puts millions of articles at readers' disposal, ... but it produces them with its own rules and culture. The site is a new sort of community, a far cry from the traditional community of intellectuals."

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