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Sokos, Panos

Greece, Eletherotypia

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Eleftherotypia - Greece | 30/07/2013

Alliance of the South impossible

Italian Prime Minister Enrico Letta harshly criticised the troika's concept for helping Greece in Athens on Monday. But despite such initiatives there is no real prospect of an alliance of Southern European countries being formed, the left-liberal daily Eleftherotypia believes, because no country is in a position to lead it: "Italy doesn't want to give up its strong position. And no matter what Letta says, he has never rebelled against the powers of Northern Europe. … Spain is a big and strong country but behaves like a newcomer to the EU. … Greece is completely under its creditors' thumb and effectively too weak to lead an alliance of the South. Portugal is in the same position, not to mention Cyprus. The only country that could assume such a role is France. … But the Mediterranean Union launched by French President Nicolas Sarkozy is anything but a success story. And since 2009 the economic crisis has left France under Germany's thumb."

Eleftherotypia - Greece | 11/01/2010

Europeans humiliate Greeks

Greece merely nods meekly when Brussels criticises its economic situation, writes the daily Eleftherotypia: "The Europeans are humiliating us. They put more pressure on Greece than on any other country ... and we even thank them for it! Although we know perfectly well that all they want is to do business here. The Germans tighten the screws because of the Eurofighter, the Scaramanga Shipyards and the Helenic Telecommunications company OTE, the French because of the banks and the construction sector, the Italians and Spanish because of the infrastructure and the petroleum business. Everyone wants to have a finger in the Greek pie. The government knows all this but still bows its head in submission. Prime Minister George Papandreou often says that Greece lacks two things: a balanced budged and credibility. But there is a third thing: dignity, and that is also an important point."

Eleftherotypia - Greece | 04/05/2009

European elections: Greeks burdened by conflicts on national matters

The daily Eleftherotypia writes that the European elections will intensify political conflicts in Greece: "Today two matters dominate public life which did not exist ten years ago. The first is the government's failed economic policy, which together with the economic crisis is leading Greece into bankruptcy. ... Secondly come the many and repeated scandals which have brought the government to a dead end. ... In addition, the European elections are slated for the same month when the limitation period ends for ministers and state secretaries to be punished for a series of scandals. ... The citizens have lost their confidence in the parties and their pessimism has reached a high point, because they now believe their political representatives cannot meet the requirements of today."

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