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Soifer, Jack

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OJE - Portugal | 14/06/2011

Portugal needs new economic models

Portugal is mired in one of its biggest economic crises in thirty years. But moaning won't help, writes management consultant Jack Soifer in the business paper OJE: "We need new models, a new constitution and a new legal system. Otherwise the mistakes of the past won't be corrected. If we confine ourselves to making adjustments we run the risk of making the same mistakes again. Our low productivity can be attributed to many governments having failed to govern and a submissive people who under [Portuguese dictator] Salazar learned to do nothing - except party, play football and pray to the saints. To grow we need a revolution: technological, structural, economic and more. ... For years I have been writing about how profit can be made on exports. This requires modern models we lack. Design alone is not enough. ... We have the greatest potential in Europe for agricultural exports, pharmaceuticals and bio fuels but the cartels are controlling us. To enable small and medium-sized companies to export we need good prices, quality and reliability."

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