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Soffici, Caterina

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Il Fatto Quotidiano - Italy | 11/03/2011

Female quota against power structures

The Italian senate has approved a draft law on the introduction of female quotas for the management boards of listed and state-run companies. Now the Chamber of Deputies must vote on the bill. The gathering criticism of the law underscores how much Italy needs it, the leftist daily Il Fatto Quotidiano writes: "The first guideline that has come under fire pertains to the dissolution of a board of directors in the event that the 30 percent rule is not adhered to. It is consequently the most effective deterrent and has already been weakened somewhat by the stipulation that a warning, followed by a fine, must precede such a step. ... Obviously the major concern now is to rescue posts. All the arguments against a women's quota - even most women are against it, regarding it as a necessary but at most short-lived evil - are just empty words aimed solely at keeping people in their present posts and preserving power, old power structures, lobby interests and the advantages of more or less capable and lazy managers."

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