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Söğüt, Mine

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Cumhuriyet - Turkey | 16/09/2015

Erdoğan's mentality was always clear

The editorial offices of the Turkish political magazine Nokta were searched by the police and the current edition confiscated on Sunday night. Its cover showed a photo montage with President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan taking a selfie in front of the coffin of a dead soldier. It has long been evident that Erdoğan would progressively limit freedom of opinion, the Kemalist daily Cumhuriyet explains: "As of today - but in fact even as of yesterday - it has become clear that Erdoğan is trying to maintain his unsteady grip on power with bans, censorship and threats. We should have realised that ten years ago when he started to fight against cartoonists. Even then it was clear that he is a harsh and dangerous leader who isn't even afraid to oppose society's tolerance. But back then even those who you'd least expect to find him a hero thought he was one. No one spoke of dictatorship or injustice. ... Today we must pay dearly for this mistake."

Cumhuriyet - Turkey | 09/09/2015

Hatred between Kurds and Turks revived

Thirty Turkish soldiers and police officers have been killed in attacks carried out by the PKK in the last few days. Nationalists responded by attacking the offices of the pro-Kurdish HDP party in cities across the country. The violence is spiralling out of control, the Kemalist daily Cumhuriyet observes in dismay: "As of today everyone can drown in their own hatred. The country's history provides enough fodder for that. Kurds who for years have headed to the mountains; Turks who are ambushed. Kurds whose villages are set on fire and then have to gather their dead from the ground; murdered Turkish teachers, doctors and police officers. Kurds who speak their own language and want to found their own states; Turks who give their lives to defend the unity of their country. … One thing is clear: everyone will now watch their neighbour from afar. Everyone will hate everyone else to death. Everyone will once again become a voluntary extra in an ignominious history written in violence and betrayal."

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