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Soenens, Björn

Amerikaexperte und Leiter der belgischen TV-Nachrichten

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De Standaard - Belgium | 26/08/2010

TV series shows joie de vivre after Katrina

Five years ago Hurricane Katrina and its consequences claimed almost 2,000 lives in New Orleans. The new US television series Treme deals with life after the disaster. TV journalist and US expert Björn Soenens expresses his admiration for the series in the daily De Standaard: "The system failed completely. ... 80 percent of New Orleans was flooded. The dams crumbled like sand pies because they hadn't been repaired in 60 years. ... Fortunately Treme has a sense of humour. It shows people with an enormous passion for life, and indestructible 'joie de vivre'. Treme is America: a story of trying and trying again without giving up, surviving, having fun in the midst of misery. Katrina was not a natural disaster. It was a man-made disaster caused by human failure, bad planning, crippling bureaucracy, lacking rescue organisation, poor infrastructure and corrupt authorities."

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