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Sodje, Andraž

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Žurnal24 - Slovenia | 14/10/2008

Andraž Sodje on road safety in Slovenia

In Slovenia the number of people who died in road accidents this year has fallen. Those in charge ascribe this to a new traffic law and the fact that people driving under the influence of alcohol are taken off the road. Nonetheless the number of people who die in road accidents remains high and according to Andraž Sodje Slovenia lacks above all a proper driving culture: "A more appropriate driving culture would help to further improve the statistics. The death toll on Slovenia's roads comes as no surprise to most drivers who spend several hours on the road each day. The driving culture still hasn't reached an adequate level. ... Most drivers here in Slovenia are in a suicidal hurry ... One particularly negative example is motorcycle drivers. The average car driver doesn't even notice them until it's too late, when they race through towns and villages at breakneck speed making a deafening noise. For their part motorcycle drivers admit that when you're riding a sporty bike it's extremely difficult to stick to the 50 kph speed limit in urban areas. Why? Because with 180 or 200 hp or more the engines are just too strong. This, however, should under no circumstances be seen as a legitimate excuse. It simply means that the institutions in charge should ensure that vehicles that pose a danger to other road traffic participants are not given licenses."

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