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Sochor, Jan

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Hospodárske noviny - Slovakia | 15/04/2011

Industrious Portuguese inefficient

According to an OECD study despite widespread stereotypes neither the Germans nor the Scandinavians are the hardest-working people in Europe. The business paper Hospodářské noviny explains: "Surprise surprise: the hardest-working people live in the country which has been worst hit by the crisis after Greece and Ireland: Portugal. Or at least that's what the OECD claims, which has compared working hours in 26 of its 34 member states. Every day the Portuguese work 100 minutes longer than the 'laziest' Europeans, the Belgians. ... But you've got to be careful when talking about Portuguese work habits. Most of the time they spend shopping, cooking and cleaning up, and the time they actually spend at work is only average. And as far as productivity goes they even bring up the rear. So as always: it's not important how long people do something, but how they do it."

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