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Sobczak, Anita

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Fakt - Poland | 19/11/2008

Renouncing privileges in times of crisis

The tabloid criticises politicians who continue to avail themselves of privileges and bonuses while many workers are facing unemployment as factories are forced to cut production owing to the economic crisis. "We are a society that lives on extra earnings. This is why we work more than our Western neighbours and why we are worse off than they are now. We often hear these explanations from our politicians. It's a pity they tell us this, but not themselves. As it turns out, in Poland everyone has to drive around in his official limousine. I can understand that the prime minister has an official car and I can also understand that the ministers have one too. But their deputies? In Sweden, where the standard of living is considerably higher than in Poland, politicians use public transport or pay official trips out of their own pockets. ... Here in Poland it's the taxpayers who pay! I expect those who rule the country to be a little more modest. And wouldn't now be a good time to make the break and renounce a few privileges?"

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