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Soave, Sergio

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Avvenire - Italy | 11/11/2014

Row hindering Spain's economic recovery

Madrid describes the vote in Catalonia as a flop, whereas the Catalan leader Arturo Mas has called it a "complete success". These differing interpretations only harden the fronts and create an ominous climate of uncertainty, the Catholic daily Avvenire warns: "Only one thing is for sure. It's a stalemate situation. The separatists have not won, nor have they been persuaded to give up their plans for independence. Therefore one can assume that the institutional tensions will continue for some time to come. ... The ongoing conflict between Madrid and Barcelona, coupled with the wave of financial scandals engulfing all the political groups and institutions, including the royal family, is creating a climate of uncertainty that could hinder Spain's recovery from the economic crisis."

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