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Sneijder, Paul

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Joop - Netherlands | 11/11/2013

Don't give anti-EU parties any leeway

The leader of the Front National in France, Marine Le Pen, and the Dutch right-wing populist Geert Wilders are to hold a joint press conference on Tuesday at which they will explain their plans for the 2014 European elections. The anti-Europeans are joining forces, EU correspondent Paul Sneijder warns on the online platform "There can be no doubt that the voters' sense of helplessness in the crisis is being exploited by those who try to blame Europe for all the problems. Marine Le Pen's visit to Geert Wilders is part of this. The Eurosceptics in the EU are forging alliances. ... The anti-European parties have pretty good chances of winning 200 of the 750 seats in the European Parliament - twice as many as they have now. Naturally the solution is not to give this growing force a wide berth. Nor should it be approached. ... Instead Europe should self-assuredly focus on consolidation and improving itself. Above all European cooperation could be more democratic."

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