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Smirnovs, Dmitrijs

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MK Latvija - Latvia | 04/03/2015

Latvia won't gain anything from Rail Baltica

The multinational RB Rail submitted the papers outlining the financing of the planned express railway link Rail Baltica to the European Commission at the end of February. The Russian-language daily MK Latvija asks what Latvia stands to gain from the project: "No one knows where the freight that is already being planned for is supposed to come from. The Baltic economy is not in a position to produce so much for export to the West. ... Most of the goods crossing the Baltic region are going from west to east, not from north to south. In economic terms only the transport from Finland to Germany is worthwhile. And the sea route may be slower in many places, but it's also cheaper. With most business deals nowadays price is the main factor, not speed."

MK Latvija - Latvia | 15/05/2014

The sad selling off of Latvia

Non-EU entrepreneurs who want fewer travel restrictions within the EU in exchange for their investments in Latvia will have to pay more in future. As of September they will only receive a Schengen visa if they leave at least 250,000 euros instead of 150,000 in the country. The Russian-language daily Ma Latvija thinks nothing of such incentives and complains that the country is being sold off: "Since joining the EU Latvia has lost its economic and political independence. Foreign investors are buying up huge chunks of agricultural land, forests and other strategic objects. And what do the Latvians do? They leave the country to seek a better life abroad. Schengen visas in exchange for investment is just one way in which our country is being sold off. Latvia's economy and agricultural sector are in such a bad state that residency permits are the only thing we have left to sell."

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