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Smilov, Daniel

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Club Z - Bulgaria | 11/09/2015

Exodus to Europe: Give up some pocket money and save lives

Europe's claim that it can't cope with any more refugees is nothing but a flimsy excuse, the news portal Club Z believes: "This is a ridiculous argument of which we will one day be ashamed when we look back. If this view prevails it will mean that we prefer to have a bit more pocket money than to save millions of people from death and never-ending misery. Europe is rich, very rich. Even Bulgaria, Europe's poorest member, is still in the club of the rich compared to the rest of the world. This is why we simply need a policy that makes it possible for all Europeans to carry the burden of integration according to their abilities. … With all the talk of lacking resources we are simply fooling ourselves."

Club Z - Bulgaria | 11/04/2015

Daniel Smilov urges Bulgarians to stop moaning

The Bulgarians' extremely pessimistic view of their country's future won't help them make it any better, political scientist Daniel Smilov writes in the news portal Club Z: "Bulgarians have what it takes for substantial economic and social progress. The macroeconomic framework is there. What stops us is corruption, the frail party system, insufficient openness to foreign markets, a weak state and judiciary and our cultural and linguistic isolation from Europe and the rest of the world. ... Certainly, these problems have accumulated over the years and can't be solved overnight. But they're not so serious that we have to drag them around with us forever. Look at Romania, for example, which is well on the way to doing away with corruption. Or Greece, which despite all its current difficulties is a paradigm for European openness and EU integration. ... Bulgaria's way forward is clear: we must observe how other countries facing similar difficulties go about tackling them. ... And all the moaning definitely has to stop."

Dnevnik - Bulgaria | 10/06/2014

Bulgaria's government was stillborn

After his coalition partners in the DPS called for early elections, the leader of Bulgaria's governing Socialists, Sergey Stanishev, has now done the same. But the government crisis everyone has been talking about since the Socialists' rout in the European elections has deeper roots than that, the left-liberal daily Dnevnik writes: "The government could have resigned before the EU elections, only it kept pretending that the cabinet was sufficiently popular to make it through to the end of its mandate. The European elections showed how wrong it was. The Socialists have now had to accept that Plamen Orescharski's cabinet was doomed to fail ever since the affair surrounding [MP and media mogul] Peevski, because this case showed just how dependent the government is on business circles. ... Viewed in this way, the government's resignation comes almost a year too late."

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