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Sloot, Pieter van der

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De Telegraaf - Netherlands | 09/04/2009

Moldova is divided

According to the tabloid De Telegraaf the riots in the Republic of Moldova are testimony to the great internal division in a country which is trying to steer a middle course between moving closer to the West and strengthening ties with Russia: "The communist President Vladimir Voronin has performed a balancing act between the two poles in the last few years. Although he recently accused Moscow of pursuing military interests in Transnistria - a Russian-speaking enclave that de facto has sovereign status - Voronin is dependent on Russian gas. Moscow is also regarded as an ally. A serious flirt with Romania could mean the end of Moldova as a state, whereby Brussels and Moscow would once again be pitted against each other on this issue, as they were with Ukraine. In the meantime both Europe and Russia have described the elections as fair. This deprives the demonstrators of much of their legitimacy."

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