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Slézak, Bertrand

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Le Quotidien - Luxembourg | 14/02/2011

Irresponsible silence on Algeria

Around 30,000 police officers were deployed on the weekend in the Algerian capital of Algiers to quell a demonstration of just 2,000 people protesting against the regime of President Abdelaziz Bouteflika. Yet the world looked on in silence, the daily Le Quotidien remonstrates: "Not a word. Where were the grand leaders of the international community on Saturday, when the Algerian authorities were busy quashing a cautious protest march in the streets of Algiers? It's enough to make you think no one's learned their lesson. Everyone misjudged the strength of the democratic currents that swept aside the presidents of Tunisia and Egypt. And now it's happening all over again. ... The last month has rewritten the rules of diplomatic clientelism. Regardless of whether we're dealing with an oil-producing country, an Islamist threat or economic interests, the international community must now bring its influence to bear. And since it has the power to do so, its silence only weighs all the more heavily."

Le Quotidien - Luxembourg | 19/07/2010

Homosexual couples should have full adoption rights

The Luxembourg parliament is to vote on a bill on the introduction of same-sex marriages. The daily Le Quotidien welcomes the plan, but writes that it could go even farther: "In permitting same-sex marriages Luxembourg would not only take a huge step forward in social terms. ... It would belong to the very small circle of states that have shown the courage to recognise that society has not waited for laws to be passed before developing as it saw fit. The government's bill allows simple adoption for homosexual couples, not however full adoption [in which the ties between the child and its family of origin are severed]. Even same-sex partners can feel true love for each other, and just like everyone else they can pass a bit of that love on. That is what a child needs, not an old and dusty pseudo-model of society."

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