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Slavova, Zorniza

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24 Chasa - Bulgaria | 23/06/2011

Bulgarians free to choose how to heat

As a result of pressure from the Bulgarian district heating monopolist Toplofikacia the off-peak electricity prices will rise by five to ten percent as of July 1. The measure is said to be aimed at preventing people from turning off their central heating at night and using electricity instead. The daily 24 Chasa sees the argument as absurd: "Toplofikacia wouldn't be able to survive if off-peak electricity wasn't made more expensive, they said. So if we want to ensure its survival we should help it by paying these higher night prices. But what sensible person gives a fig about the survival of Toplofikacia out of the goodness of their heart? Every consumer has the right to choose the cheapest form of heating. Whether it's central heating, wood or electricity - it's up to them to decide. And it's up to Toplofikacia to see keep its own head above water. It certainly shouldn't try to solve its problems at the expense of others. Companies that are mismanaged should disappear from the market. Those are the rules of the free market economy."

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