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Slavova, Miglena

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Novinar - Bulgaria | 23/06/2010

Bulgaria helps unscrupulous employers

The Bulgarian parliament has reduced the statutory fines for illegal work and lack of protection at the workplace, in some cases lowering them to a tenth of what they were. The measure is aimed at ensuring that employers are not overburdened or forced into bankruptcy during the crisis. The parliament is giving free reign to unscrupulous employers, the daily Novinar writes critically: "Instead of raising the fines to prevent violations we are reducing them so that companies don't go bankrupt. Can't employers simply obey the laws? Why should we assume that violations will occur anyway? Now of all times it's important to boost industrial supervision, especially since complaints from employees have risen dramatically since last year. ... The government's logic is faulty. The reduced fines will neither be easy to collect nor will the violations lessen in number. On the contrary, they will completely dispel any misgivings employers have about disregarding their obligations."

Novinar - Bulgaria | 12/11/2009

Please go back to making policies

The Bulgarian President Georgi Parvanov has refused to recall two ambassadors accused of allowing irregularities during the elections. This has prompted the opposition parties DSB (Democrats for a Strong Bulgaria) and the Ataka party to call for Parvanov's removal from office. The daily Novinar urges the politicians to focus on the important issues at hand: "DSB and Ataka are once again resorting to the only legal possibility for the early removal of a head of state from office and thus pushing the growing unemployment and the financial crisis into the background. … The representatives of two important institutions in Bulgaria [the parliament and president] should put their energy and time into solving the real problems with healthcare, education, unemployment and the economy and not in filling newspapers and TV programmes with their personal attacks."

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