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Slaughter, Anne-Marie

Wwar Leiterin des Planungsstabs im US-Außenministerium (2009–2011). Sie ist Professorin für Politik und Internationale Angelegenheiten an der Universität Princeton.

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Der Standard - Austria | 24/01/2012

Iran must be able to save face

With their current policy Europe and the US are making it too hard for Iran to make concessions, writes the left-liberal daily Der Standard: "It's time cooler heads came up with a strategy that will help Iran take a step back. The main contenders are Brazil and Turkey, whose governments have already worked out an admittedly poorly timed agreement with Iran in May 2010 according to which the country would deliver 1,200 kilos of slightly enriched uranium to Turkey, and receive in return 1,200 kilos of low-enriched uranium for medical research in a reactor in Tehran. Where the political will exists to give the other side enough room to reach an agreement, creative solutions can be found. But diplomats know that war can be preferable to humiliation. So saving face is just as important as menacing with violence. For that reason other countries should step in and ensure that both sides have enough leeway to avoid a head-on collision."

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