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Slama, Alain-Gérard

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Le Figaro - France | 22/06/2011

Alain Gérard Slama on the comeback of democracy

Events like the Arab revolutions, the euro crisis and the nuclear disaster in Fukushima dictated public opinion this year. This has breathed new life into democracy, writes Alain Gérard Slama in the conservative daily Le Figaro: "For most of our contemporaries it is striking to see how quickly democracy has changed in less than a year. It has regained the sense of tragedy that has been missing from public life for so long by heightening people's awareness of their own responsibilities. ... We were used to thinking that democracy was the worst system apart from all the rest, as the famous quip goes, and that we didn't need to lift a finger to uphold it. But for several months a number of major world events have kindled in us a very different sentiment: democracy now strikes us as a continual process of creation which everyone do their utmost to foster."

Le Figaro - France | 14/07/2010

Sarkozy's party sacrifices treasurer

The French Labour Minister Eric Woerth, who has come in for criticism following a corruption affair, has resigned his duties as treasurer of the governing UMP party. The conservative daily Le Figaro writes that the presumption of innocence should hold for everyone, including politicians: "The presumption of innocence is the most important protection of personal honour, as it protects individuals against the prejudices and passions of popular justice. While citing the best intentions, the principle result of the so-called 'transparency' laws has been to reverse the onus of proof to the detriment of elected officials. ... The danger inherent in cases of conflict of interest is to consider the individual as per se incapable of resisting temptation. ... Clearly Mr Woerth should have resigned as treasurer of the UMP when he became budget minister. But it's another thing altogether to suspect him of abusing his authority without a shred of evidence."

Le Figaro - France | 07/07/2008

Europe's ailing democracy

The newspaper Le Figaro analyses the current problems of European democracy. "On the eve of the summer holidays, when it is fitting to reflect on the events of recent months, one topic must be addressed: the malaise of democracy. Certainly, this malaise is neither recent nor new. But even in France, which together with Italy is the object of the most pessimistic prognoses, the recent presidential elections have shown that politics continue to enthral the general public, that voters remain strongly attached to their institutions and that the split between Right and Left continues to give meaning to debates about social justice, defence and ecology. Yet with the exception of Frau Merkel, who benefits from favourable economic circumstances ... not a single head of state or government has been able to escape a generalised crisis of confidence."

Le Figaro - France | 16/06/2008

A farewell to human rights

The French daily Le Figaro argues that human rights have lost their significance in international politics: "The politics of human rights was an illusion. Not in itself, but because it was based on the belief that the states and civil societies of the free world could unite to help the still 'fettered' states to freedom. ... In the meantime two Iraq wars, the Kosovo War and Al-Qaida's attack in Manhattan have changed the situation completely. They have revealed the gap between the rapid material development and the longer-lasting political development of a civilisation. One state after the next has abandoned the illusion of a human rights policy for its exact opposite: the illusion of a realpolitik which tends to be nothing more than resignation in the face of the spread of fanaticism."

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