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Skwieciński, Piotr

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1.  Rzeczpospolita - Poland | 06/02/2013

Poland's playing up to West embarassing

The Polish transsexual Anna Grodzka of the left-wing party Ruch Palikot will become one of six deputy marshals of the Sejm if her party gets ... » more

2.  Rzeczpospolita - Poland | 24/10/2012

Excessive Euro 2012 bonuses anger Poles

The Polish organisers of Euro 2012 will receive up to 1.3 million euros in bonuses independently of their performance even though the games were marred ... » more

3.  Rzeczpospolita - Poland | 31/07/2012

Desecration of church goes too far

The protest against Russia's President Putin may be understandable but holy places should not be desecrated, warns Piotr Skwieciński in the conservative daily Rzeczpospolita, commenting ... » more

4.  Rzeczpospolita - Poland | 11/05/2012

Sexual violence is a private matter

Poland's ruling party the PO presented a draft law on Thursday that foresees automatic criminal prosecution in cases of rape. Up to now prosecutors launch ... » more

5.  Rzeczpospolita - Poland | 13/04/2012

Piotr Skwieciński on Russia forgetting its past

Russia won't be put on trial for the mass murder of Polish officers at Katyn in the spring of 1940. This judgement will be handed ... » more

6.  Rzeczpospolita - Poland | 16/02/2011

Berlusconi's opponents even more despicable

The attempts of Berlusconi's opponents to use the trial against him for their own political ends will hurt democracy more than Berlusconi himself has done, ... » more


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