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Skwieciński, Piotr

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Rzeczpospolita - Poland | 19/06/2009

Majority of Poles doesn't want review of communism

According to a Polish survey conducted by the Public Opinion Research Center (CBOS) on people's attitudes towards the communist People's Republic of Poland, a large section of the Polish population does not want a major final reckoning with the socialist dictatorship. "For years the People's Republic was on a downwards slide in all the opinion polls. And during this period there was at least a critical distance towards it. There were also proponents of the idea of opening the secret files [of the state secret service]. And now all of a sudden this change in trend. Slightly more Poles (44 percent) assess the People's Republic as positive rather than negative (43 percent). In the preceding survey eight years ago 47 percent took a critical view of the People's Republic. … What lies behind this change in trend? When it comes to the general assessment of the People's Republic one can simply say that the economic crisis which is depriving people of their security is also strengthening the sense of nostalgia for those times when … employment was guaranteed."

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