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Skumanas, Virginijus

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Vilniaus diena - Lithuania | 08/04/2011

Lithuanians must help themselves

People are very bored with politics in Lithuania. The daily Vilniaus Diena calls on Lithuanian citizens to become more involved in determining their own futures: "For twenty years we have lived as an independent country now, and we should really be feeling secure as Nato and EU members. But just as important as external security is the well-being of the people and if you start asking people in Lithuania whether they are getting along fine, many will answer that they're not. ... If we want our lives in general to change we must first change ourselves and become a civilian society that is more active, has high aims and doesn't compare itself with the third-rate countries but with the best. And finally we must develop a sense of dignity and elect politicians who have ideals, education and morals - then we can hope for a better quality of life."

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