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Skowron, Mirosław

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Super Express - Poland | 11/01/2016

Germans could drive Poles out of EU

The president of the European Parliament, Martin Schulz, has once again criticised Poland and said that the country is being turned into a "managed democracy in the style of Putin". Mirosław Skowron of the conservative tabloid Super Express fears the consequences of such attacks: "Once, when I was talking to some people of my age from the West they were very surprised to hear about the games we played as children. In our partisan games we shot at the Germans. We still had great fun playing this even 35 years after the end of the war. ... When Schulz shouted at us recently I thought: 'And who was your father or grandfather shouting at between 1933 and 1945?' … In Poland, unlike in Britain, no one is thinking about leaving the EU. Everyone here would laugh at the mere thought of it right now. But I wouldn't bet on that not changing if the attacks from Brussels continue."

Super Express - Poland | 12/11/2014

Polish parliament full of big spenders

The Polish parliament will examine the system used by the MPs for travel expenses today, Wednesday. Three national-conservative politicians had put in thousands of euros in expenses for an official trip to Madrid by car when in fact they had booked cheap flights for the journey. This inquiry is just for the benefit of the media, Mirosław Skowron fears in the conservative daily Super Express: "I have the unpleasant feeling that the MPs led by the parliamentary speaker would never have begun this inquiry if they were truly serious about it. Because what if all the cases were dealt with and not just those that are as clear as this one? ... For example the [expensive] lunches of the parliamentary speaker. If all the parties really did take appropriate action and got rid of all those who use tax money for private purposes there would only be a minority left in parliament."

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