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Skorobogatov, Aleksandr

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De Standaard - Belgium | 07/08/2012

Putin's fate depends on Pussy Riot

The trial against Pussy Riot in Moscow demonstrates the boundless arrogance of the Putin regime, writes the Belgian-based Russian author Aleksandr Skorobogatov in the liberal daily De Standard: "Today the young mothers of Pussy Riot are being lynched by the state, tomorrow demonstrators will be shot at as in Syria. For the first time the regime senses that it is seriously threatened, and so it is sending the following message to the opposition: We will use every means at our disposal to combat you. We will secure our hold on power, cost what it may. I believe that is the true significance of the trial against Pussy Riot. For Putin it represents a sort of point of no return. The protest movement may become more radicalised by the shameful trial and the likely conviction of innocent women. Then when the state strikes back with full force, Putin's own Tiananmen Square [where Chinese protesters were brutally suppressed in 1989] is not far away."

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