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Skiba, Krzysztof

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Wprost - Poland | 07/09/2009

Krzysztof Skiba on ownership as a value

In the Polish news magazine Wprost Krzysztof Skiba reflects on ownership as a value: "The role of ownership in today's social models is growing more and more important. Some possess unusual skills, others have a fat wife without a job. In a world that couldn't be more materialistic what a person owns becomes the most important measure of their value. For the majority of people the state of their assets is what can give them a heart attack. There is a certain problem with assets. Many people don't reveal what they actually own. This is the case with certain politicians and entrepreneurs. Despite possessing considerable assets they pretend they're modest individuals who possess nothing aside from a disease of the liver. When the wealthiest man from a certain small town is summoned in a trial on white-collar crime it turns out that he doesn't actually own anything because everything has been transferred to the town's pensioners - despite his having a villa with a swimming pool, a few factories, brothels, discos, clubs, businesses and a Mercedes."

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