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Skamnakis, Antonis

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Haniotika Nea

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Haniotika Nea - Greece | 10/11/2015

Athens' politicians turning into salesmen

The German airport operator Fraport is to take over the management of 14 airports in Greece as part of the biggest privatisation in the country's history. In the Cretan regional paper Haniotika Nea the academic and columnist Antonis Skamnakis criticises the members of government who had rejected the move until now: "This is much more than a change in political position in the name of pragmatism, as is typical for parties and politicians in power. It is a question of political consistency. In fact these politicians knew that much rides on the privatisation of the 14 regional airports in addition to ideological and programmatic considerations. This is also about our national sovereignty, the economy and the general management of the local municipalities. ... Most of the members of the current ruling coalition were not only against privatisation, but also took part in actions against these privatisations."

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