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Sitkei, Levente

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1.  Magyar Idők - Hungary | 16/09/2015

Exodus to Europe: Political diversionary tactic

The refugee crisis is showing Europe how close it is to collapse, writes the pro-government daily Magyar Idők: "Only recently Germany saw the integration of ... » more

2.  Magyar Nemzet - Hungary | 19/11/2012

Peace a distant prospect in the Middle East

If peace has become an increasingly remote possibility in the Middle East, it's because both the Israelis and the radical Islamic Hamas had longed for ... » more

3.  Magyar Nemzet - Hungary | 23/03/2012

France must solve immigration problem

Following the death of the presumed Toulouse killer, Mohamed Merah, France must finally address its immigration problem, the right-wing conservative daily Magyar Nemzet concludes: "The ... » more

4.  Magyar Nemzet - Hungary | 24/01/2012

Iran's oil too important

The EU's oil embargo will escalate the conflict with Iran and can't be maintained for long, writes the right-wing conservative daily Maygar Nemzet: "It can't ... » more

5.  Magyar Nemzet - Hungary | 20/12/2011

Kim Junior unpredictable

After the death of Kim Jong-il, the dictator's youngest son Kim Jong-un will assume power in North Korea. He is completely unpredictable, writes the conservative ... » more

6.  Magyar Nemzet - Hungary | 19/10/2011

Hero cult hides horrors of war

That Israel is treating 25-year-old soldier Gilad Shalit like a national hero ignores the brutal reality of war, writes the conservative daily Magyar Nemzet: "Without ... » more

7.  Magyar Nemzet - Hungary | 01/09/2011

West repeats old mistakes in Libya

The West runs the risk of making the same mistakes with the reconstruction of Libya as it did in Iraq and Afghanistan, writes the conservative ... » more

8.  Magyar Nemzet - Hungary | 15/08/2011

Tea Party poised to move into White House

The ultra-conservative US Congresswoman Michele Bachmann won a test vote for becoming the Republicans' presidential candidate in Iowa last Sunday. The conservative daily Magyar Nemzet ... » more

9.  Magyar Nemzet - Hungary | 15/06/2009

Probably no election fraud

The right-wing conservative daily Magyar Nemzet says the riots in Iran should not be taken too seriously: "Just because someone with a hand camera films ... » more

10.  Magyar Nemzet - Hungary | 06/10/2008

Slovak-Hungarian tension

Relations between Hungary and Slovakia are very tense at present. The conservative daily Magyar Nemzet expresses concern about the treatment the Hungarian minority receives in ... » more


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