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Sitari, Pekka

columns in the Karjalainen

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Karjalainen - Finland | 20/10/2009

Pekka Sitari on alternative forms of EU membership

In the daily Karjalainen Pekka Sitari comments on a column which appeared in the same paper written by MEP Riikka Manner, a member for the Finnish Centre Party, in which Manner expresses fears that the EU could become too difficult to control if it expands too quickly. Using Turkey as an example, Pekka Sitari writes that future member states need not to be integrated as full members into the EU: "The EU … is adopting a positive stance on Turkish membership … . The worst thing that could happen would be that Turkey makes its legal provisions and society compatible with the EU but the project gets held up by opposition from a couple of old member states in the long term. It will without doubt also shake up relations between Nato and both the European and Islamic world. One possibility [for integrating potential future EU members] could be for the EU to create a group of candidate countries that don't have full membership. These countries then make it clear that they are participating in the development of the Western European community and can thus advance their societies and economies in a targeted manner."

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