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Sitalsing, Sheila

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1.  De Volkskrant - Netherlands | 26/10/2015

Sycophantic babble about royal visit to China

The intense coverage of the Dutch royal couple's state visit to China provokes outraged criticism from Sheila Sitalsing in her column with the centre-left daily ... » more

2.  De Volkskrant - Netherlands | 30/09/2015

Shell stops drilling but not for polar bears

In a surprise move Oil company Shell announced on Monday that it was halting its exploratory oil drilling in the Arctic. But this is not ... » more

3.  De Volkskrant - Netherlands | 10/12/2014

Social rift helps right-wing parties

The gap between the elite and the rest of the population is growing in the Netherlands according to a study published by the Netherlands Institute ... » more

4.  De Volkskrant - Netherlands | 21/03/2014

Tolerance allows Wilders' hate speeches

The right-wing populist Geert Wilders triggered a wave of indignation in the Netherlands with a hate speech against Moroccans he made at a party after ... » more

5.  De Volkskrant - Netherlands | 10/03/2014

Only boring candidates

The selection of Jean-Claude Juncker as the top candidate of the European conservatives is a step backwards, columnist Sheila Sitalsing complains in the left-liberal daily ... » more

6.  De Volkskrant - Netherlands | 07/02/2014

Wilders leading the Dutch to euro-free bliss

Dutch right-wing populist Geert Wilders presented a study on Thursday according to which his country would benefit from exiting the EU. Wilders is going to ... » more

7.  De Volkskrant - Netherlands | 16/12/2013

Ireland has survived, the crisis continues

Ireland left the euro bailout programme on Sunday. But the price it paid was high, the left-liberal daily De Volkskrant comments: "For three years the ... » more

8.  De Volkskrant - Netherlands | 01/11/2013

Egypt saves valuable books from shredder

The renowned Royal Tropical Institute in Amsterdam has to close its library due to funding cuts. The administration of the Alexandria Library announced on Wednesday ... » more

9.  De Volkskrant - Netherlands | 30/09/2013

Cavaliere drags entire Eurozone down with him

The collective ministerial resignation only serves Berlusconi's narcissism, columnist Sheila Sitalsing writes in the left-liberal daily De Volkskrant: "This is political vandalism, and only serves ... » more

10.  De Volkskrant - Netherlands | 23/09/2013

Europe's empress

With her sensational electoral victory Angela Merkel has become the empress of Europe, columnist Sheila Sitalsing writes in the left-liberal daily De Volkskrant: "Empress of a ... » more


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