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Sirotich, Kristian

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Novi list - Croatia | 22/11/2013

Ban fascist greeting from stadiums

The Croatian judiciary on Thursday ordered Josip Šimunić, a player with the national football team, to pay a fine of around 3,000 euros after he repeatedly bellowed the fascist greeting "Za dom - spremni!" ("For the homeland - ready!") into a microphone in the stadium where his team had just won a World Cup qualifying match against Iceland on Tuesday. Everyone knows that this has been the main chant used by the Croatian fans for several years now, but no one is doing anything about it, the left-liberal daily Novi List complains: "On the contrary, the disciplinary committees of Fifa and the Uefa are rubbing their hands in glee before each Croatian home game. Not that they're lacking in funds, but additional income is always welcome. It doesn't matter what Josip Šimunić believes, he didn't have the right to voice it publicly. Nor do the Croatian football association or the Croatian Olympics Committee have the right to simply ignore this. And this wasn't the first incident of its kind. ... In Germany it would never occur to a player to greet his fans with 'Sieg Heil'. It would be their last game ever if they did."

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