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Sinatti, Piero

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Il Sole 24 Ore - Italy | 04/09/2008

A problem for the US

For the daily Il Sole 24 ore, the new government crisis in Ukraine also poses a problem for the US government. "De facto the vote was against President Viktor Yushchenko, and opened the door wide for the government's resignation. The realistic perspective is a dissolution of the current parliament, the third since 2006. This is a staggering record and highlights the fragility of Ukraine's institutional and political structures. The country is marked by crises and permanent instability, which also have a devastating effect on the economy. Those who want Kiev to join NATO should think about this too. ... This serious crisis happened just before the arrival of US Vice President Dick Cheney, who represents the intervention wing of the Bush government and supports NATO membership for Georgia and Ukraine. Cheney will find Yushchenko in the position of a 'lame duck', which means a plus point for Moscow in this international tug of war on post-Soviet turf."

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