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Sina, Ralph

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1 article of this author has been cited in the European Press Review so far. - Germany | 15/12/2015

New Frontex remains an illusion

The hopes that a new force on the EU's outer borders will stem the influx of refugees won't be fulfilled, predicts the public-service news website "Frontex stands for the unspoken 'close bulkheads' hope of the struggling refugee hotspots Germany, Sweden, Austria and the Netherlands. Like a magic army the revamped Frontex border protection force is to be deployable at all times and everywhere on the EU outer borders. … But thanks to the joint resistance of Greece and the Eastern European countries this special force will never come into being. … The Frontex super-force will remain an illusion, a fata morgana. Europe's borders will remain porous. And for that reason we face the prospect of internal border controls in the EU."

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