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Simpson, Mark

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The Times - United Kingdom | 24/02/2010

British same-sex marriage is no advantage

A bill currently before the House of Lords is aimed at enabling same-sex couples to get married in church in future. This is another setback as it relegates homosexuals to the already highly unpopular institution of marriage, writes the daily The Times. Better would be to allow homosexual couples the right to legally protected partnerships, as is the case in France and New Zealand, the paper writes: "As the French example shows, this could result in hundreds of thousands of couples, many with children, entering into legally protected partnerships that otherwise they would not. Part of the appeal of the French 'PACS' is that they can be ended by a letter from either partner, without any claims on the other's money or property. UK partnerships have the same divorce requirements as marriage (with the exception of adultery as a ground for divorce)."

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