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Simov, Alexander

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1.  Duma - Bulgaria | 03/04/2014

Manuel Valls not a true Socialist

The appointment of Manuel Valls as France's new prime minister is additional proof of the moral decline of the French left, the socialist daily Duma ... » more

2.  Duma - Bulgaria | 31/05/2012

Alexander Simov on Lagarde, Athens and the hypocrisy of the rich

IMF head Christine Lagarde recently called on the Greeks to pay their taxes, even though as an official of an international institution she herself doesn't ... » more

3.  Duma - Bulgaria | 16/05/2012

New elections better than government of experts

The news that there will be no formation of a government of experts in Greece is a welcome development in the eyes of the socialist ... » more

4.  Duma - Bulgaria | 20/03/2012

Bulgaria's government just embarrassing

Bulgaria's cultural minister Vezhdi Rashidov announced in a televised interview on Monday that the famous Bulgarian opera singer Gena Dimitrowa, who died in 2005, ... » more

5.  Duma - Bulgaria | 30/01/2012

Internet piracy actually helps authors

Bulgaria signed the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (Acta), at the beginning of January, which seeks to crack down harder on illegal downloads of copyrighted material. But ... » more

6.  Duma - Bulgaria | 04/01/2012

Bulgaria's prime minister a psychiatric case

In answer to the question of why he so often uses the word "I", Bulgaria's Prime Minister Boyko Borisov explained in an interview on Tuesday ... » more

7.  Duma - Bulgaria | 31/08/2011

Bulgaria's politicians above the law

According to media reports, US President Barack Obama's uncle was arrested last Wednesday for drunk driving. That would never happen in Bulgaria, the socialist daily ... » more


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