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Simonis, Linas

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Lietuvos rytas - Lithuania | 24/02/2009

Generation gap in Lithuanian business

Lithuania's elder managers and economic politicians concentrate far too much on stimulating production, criticises the daily Lietuvos Rytas. "This love of production is a relict of Soviet thinking. In the times of the economy of scarcity you could sell pretty much anything, all you had to do was produce enough of it. However many managers and politicians still haven't progressed beyond this idea, and still see production as something almost sacred. ... And then on the other hand you've got plenty of 22-year-old girls in the marketing departments who are fresh out of university. Nothing against young people, but studies show it's mostly less successful businesses that entrust young graduates with such tasks. They're good at dotting their phrases with English terms they've picked up from their professors, but they've got precious little practical experience."

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