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Simkins, Micheal

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The Daily Telegraph - United Kingdom | 31/08/2011

BBC against British humour

The British Broadcasting Corporation wants to introduce new rules to put an end to cheeky and salacious broadcasts. But the measure could well backfire, according to the conservative newspaper The Daily Telegraph: "So a plea to the BBC: sauce is nothing to be afraid of. On the contrary, it should be embraced; cherished; clasped to our bosoms. And in the meantime, lovers of the comedic art can take heart in the fact that it will always find a way around the dead hand of bureaucracy.... In his splendid new book about the rules of comedy, the writer of Yes, Prime Minister, Jonathan Lynn, cites the only workable definition of funny he has ever heard: 'If you put it up there and they laugh, it's funny. If they don't laugh, it's not funny.' It's a dictum that may come back to haunt the BBC in the coming months."

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