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Simeonova, Lora

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Standart - Bulgaria | 14/04/2011

Eastern Europeans are second-class consumers

The food manufacturers Coca-Cola, Nestlé and Jacobs use lower quality ingredients for the products they sell in Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia than in the established Western European key markets, according to a study by the Slovakian consumer advice centre. The daily Standart addresses a tearful yet ironic plaint to the manufacturers: "We've already noticed that Fanta tastes better in Austria, perfumes keep their fragrance longer in Belgium and washing powder gets clothes cleaner in Germany. But it would have been nice if you had shown us the same courtesy as your American and French customers and at least spared us the naked truth. Not out of gallantry, but because we poor people in the East don't pay any less for your products than the divinely-anointed Europeans in London or Berlin."

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