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Simeonova, Kristiela

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1.  Duma - Bulgaria | 11/06/2015

Unclear signals from the EU Parliament

Annoyed at the sudden postponement of the debate the left-leaning daily Duma comments as follows: "Could it be that the EU's only directly elected institution ... » more

2.  Duma - Bulgaria | 29/05/2015

Refugees in Bulgaria must also be relocated

The quota system proposed by Brussels for distributing refugees among EU member states is aimed at relocating the 40,000 refugees in Greece and Italy. But ... » more

3.  Duma - Bulgaria | 22/10/2014

Ukraine should pay its gas debts itself

German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Monday called on Ukraine's allies to support Kiev financially in its gas dispute with Russia. The pro-Russian daily Duma fails ... » more

4.  Duma - Bulgaria | 12/12/2013

Erdoğan provokes Balkan states

In a speech he made on the weekend in the city of Keşan in Eastern Thrace, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan laid cultural claims ... » more

5.  Duma - Bulgaria | 29/11/2013

Bulgaria disappointed and betrayed by the West

British Prime Minister David Cameron wants to limit the free movement of workers for Bulgarians and Romanians even after January 2014, and has now gained ... » more

6.  Duma - Bulgaria | 10/05/2013

Economic crisis followed by demographic crisis

Europe's birthrate has declined during the euro crisis, according to the most recent figures put out by the European statistics office Eurostat. In 2012 the ... » more

7.  Duma - Bulgaria | 06/12/2012

Job guarantee a chance for Europe's youth

The EU Commission presented a plan for fighting youth unemployment on Wednesday, calling on EU member states to guarantee education or work for people under ... » more


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