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Silvano, Filomena

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Público - Portugal | 30/04/2011

Filomena Silvano on dreams, reality and royal kisses

Thousands of people gathered on London's streets and billions tuned in their televisions to watch the British royal wedding. In times of economic crisis, wars and natural disasters so much enthusiasm for a wedding may seem strange, but these woes are probably the very reason the wedding generated such huge interest, Filomena Silvano suspects in the daily Público: "A wedding is an ancient ritual, a choreography. ... But rituals like a royal wedding don't wait for a historic moment; there are marriages in every generation. However they adapt to their times and are therefore given different interpretations. ... Perhaps this is why millions of people all over the world waited just to see a kiss like any other kiss, but turned by the machinery of collective emotion into something special - a dream kiss. ... The royal kiss was brief, certainly no Hollywood kiss. A second kiss was demanded, just like at any other wedding. Then the planes of the Royal Air Force flew over London and it became clear that here too world events play a role."

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