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Silva, Marcelino

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Jornal de Notícias - Mozambique | 30/09/2015

Exodus to Europe: EU states rightly have guilty consciences

Many EU governments are to blame for the chaos in the countries from which the refugees are now fleeing towards Europe and they must not try to shirk their responsibility, the Mozambique daily newspaper Jornal de Notícias writes: "The countries where the refugees are now seeking protection are for the most part the same ones that supported the ousting of [Iraqi dictator] Saddam Hussein and later those movements that started the Arab Spring. The refugees from Libya, Syria, Tunisia, Iraq and other countries hope for protection from precisely those countries that functioned and are still functioning as executioners in their home countries. … Despite all the problems the Europeans face in taking in refugees, these governments must not avoid making clear commitments to help. Also and particularly because most of them have a guilty conscience and are aware of the fact that they also bear responsibility for the implosion of the countries of origin of those who have been uprooted."

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